NEW Interview online with “Mantyhose”!

I know it’s been a while since my last update, but that’s because things have been insanely busy!! It’s all lots of fun stuff that I will share with you soon! Here’s the first exciting bit~ My latest interview with the men’s pantyhose  magazine “”

For some of you, my answers to these questions may come as a surprise. For others, you may relate and agree with me completely! As a passionate nylon fetishist/enthusiast, wearing and enjoying hose is an integral part of my life. So it just seems natural for that passion to extend to the bedroom.

I love to wear stockings and pantyhose in bed. It heightens my pleasure and the entire experience in general.  I also really love sharing this experience with a partner. Over the years, my fantasies have evolved into various sexual scenarios involving nylons. One of my deep desires was to have my lover wear my hose and roll around on the bed together, our legs entwined, enjoying the erotic sensation of nylon against nylon.

Unfortunately this fantasy has been very hard to realize!! There are not many men out there willing to indulge me in this.  Possibly because nylons are just such a feminine article of clothing, a man might feel emasculated wearing them.  To me, it’s strictly about the sensation. I simply LOVE the way they feel.  If my partner wore a pair of hose for me in bed, I wouldn’t view him as  less masculine.  I just like the way the nylon fabric looks against the skin, especially with a man’s sexy hairy thigh underneath.  The feel of our bodies rubbing together would be incredible!!

I consider myself a pretty open-minded gal, and when I’m in a relationship I am always willing to try new things, and explore new sensations. I think it’s key to a long lasting healthy relationship.  There are so many different ways to play with nylon in the bedroom. Even just a single stocking can be a real turn on during foreplay. You can wrap the stocking around your lover’s cock while you stroke him, let him feel how exciting and intense the fabric can be.  Some couples enjoy lightly tying each other up with stockings or hose. Of course there’s always the much-loved pantyhose foot job! And if you’re really in the mood for something fun, try slipping your stocking over your lover’s cock to add a little spice to oral sex :)  See, there’s all kinds of thrilling, exciting new ideas for incorporating nylons into your love life!  I’d love to hear some of yours too…

Here’s the link to my steamy interview with ~ CLICK HERE!


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2 Responses to “NEW Interview online with “Mantyhose”!”

  1. Zuby December 25, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

    Dear Karryn,

    I got a chance to see your blog today only, though I was following you on FB. It is so nice to meet a woman who admits loving her partner wearing hose. I am from a country where pantyhose and stockings are of least worn. And hence having them (buying them) itself is a tough part and when it is a man you can imagine how difficult it will be. When I go to lingerie shops and ask for a pair , I could see the amusement the salesgirl has on her face.. the expression as if that is something totally forbidden. But I love that look she give and some of the fellow shoppers next to me (women mostly). Like buying wearing them too is tough when you have a family and your wife is clueless of what a pantyhose look like!. But secretly wearing them is again the thrill. Under your office attire, (due to practical reasons I put on a brief above them ha ha). But the feel of satin/silk over your manhood cannot be explained in words. It is such a stimulant that a foot fetish like me get aroused at least provocation in a pantyhose. Yes had it many times fully up and was able to sustain for long. And again my fantasy is to be with a lady, both of us in hose and heels in bed. And imagine how hot it will be rubbing against each other and finally hitting and spitting… uhhh… wish I got this fantasy come true.. I am glad to find you here my dear Karyn. Love you so much and wish you a wonderful New Year..

  2. Karyn December 25, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

    Hi Zuby! It’s so nice to see you here! I really enjoyed reading your comments. It’s really interesting to me that this blog post, “Mantyhose Interview” has received the MOST views over most of my other posts lately! As much as some people want to think men’s hosiery is taboo, there are many more of us who love and appreciate them!!
    I have received so many positive emails relating to my Mantyhose interview, it is humbling.
    I only hope that more men will be able to feel comfortable wearing them with their partner or simply for themselves. I swear, if you haven’t tried it, you don’t understand what you’re missing! lol
    I thank you Zuby for your kind words, and i wish you a Wonderful New Year as well!
    xxoo Karyn

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